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The Chicken or the Egg?

January 28, 2016

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Chicken or the egg?  Depression or the mess? 

It has been proven that the level of clutter in your house can affect your state of mind.  And your state of mind can affect the level of clutter in your house.  So, which came first?

Of late, I have been feeling like I am sliding back into depression.  I also am aware of the creeping clutter coming back into my rooms.  Is the clutter adding to my depression, or is my depression causing me to not care about the clutter?

Well, I decided to tackle to depression issue first.  I have been making a serious effort to eat clean, and today, in addition to my regular workout, I took a 2.8 mile walk outside, in the sunshine.  Then I had to go to the dentist and run some errands.  When I got home, I was motivated to clean the living room, kitchen, and bathroom.  I also tackled my desk, AGAIN.

To me, that indicates that perhaps my depression is causing the clutter.  What do you think?  And which way do you think it works for you?

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