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Are you sick of having piles of paper everywhere?

You’re losing valuable time looking for things instead of being productive. You have piles of paper everywhere. You have to search for your laptop under the piles in order to get your work done. You can't find the file on the customer who's coming to meet with you today, and you need the receipt from the accountant, but you have no clue where to look. Maybe the bills aren’t even getting paid because you can't find them in the mess, or you find yourself buying things you don't need to feel better and that just adds to the chaos.

You keep thinking you’ll make a list, but it rarely happens. It all feels so overwhelming, and you often find your head in your hands, filled with confusion, asking yourself what you've gotten yourself into.

You want to make it right, but you fear devoting an entire day to the paper monster and not getting anywhere. Your brain tells you that if you are going to do this, it had better be perfect, otherwise it’s not worth doing at all. But perfect takes a long time to achieve, and you don't have long time, so you usually don’t even bother. You wonder when will it all end, and you're ready to change this cycle once and for all.

Now imagine that this is your life…

You always know right where that file is, and the receipt you need is readily available. You have a system for keeping track to the things you need to do and byy. Your desk is clear because you have gotten rid of the clutter. You can use your computer again. You're paying your bills on time and you're even able to put a little bit aside for a rainy day.

You are much more productive and that means you don't need to buy thing to validate yourself. You feel in control, because you are in control. You have systems in place that you can rely on to stay organized. Your mind is clear, and life is good!

Office organization coaching

De-clutter your office and create systems you can count on, even if you’ve struggled with organization for years.

Working with me, you will learn how to:

  • Create and implement systems that you can count on
  • Have systems in place
  • Stop feeling the panic that goes with losing things
  • Feel good about having people come into your office
  • Build systems that make it easy to keep your office in order

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