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Is this you?

You worry about having people over because your house is a mess. You’re always looking for your car keys, your phone, the receipt for the item you need to exchange. There’s paper everywhere. Maybe you watch hoarders to make yourself feel better, or you’re taken in by the promises on the magazines in the checkout line that promise, “Buy me! For just $4.99, I can fix you!”  While you may have systems, they are all overflowing, and you’re pretty sure you just have too much stuff.

The worst thing is that when your house is cluttered and you can't find what you need, you get cranky. The little voice in your head screams, “What’s wrong with you that you can’t keep a clean house? Everyone else can have it together, why can’t you?”

You want to learn how to keep your house organized, really you do, but you hesitate to tackle a room because you fear it’ll take all day, and that when you're done, two more rooms will be an even bigger mess.

Now, imagine that this is your life….

You don’t spend all of your time cleaning your house, but it is presentable for company, with clean floors and clear surfaces for people to sit on. You have stopped wasting time looking for your keys and your phone, and instead have a home for each. When your house is no longer overwhelmed with stuff, you are able to easily find the permission slip, your other shoe, that bill you need to pay. And, most important, you don’t feel so cranky anymore. You feel good about yourself, and your home and your surroundings remind you that you are truly good enough.

Home Organization Coaching

De-clutter your home and create systems you can count on, even if you’ve struggled with organization for years.

Working with me, you will learn how to...

  • Create and implement systems that you can count on.
  • Have a place for everything and everything in its place
  • Stop feeling the panic that goes with losing things.
  • Feel good about having people come into your house.  
  • Build systems that make it easy to keep your house in order.
  • Even if guests are unexpected, you can feel good about your home.

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